Fostering unity in our community!ONE dance, many movements.
ONE rhythm, many beats.
ONE universe many cultures.

At Delou Africa, Inc. we bridge gaps by celebrating diversity, encouraging equity and promoting inclusion through cultural arts and education. Express yourself! Be creative! Feel empowered! – together we build bridges not walls.

We are your educational, artistic and entertainment source for traditional African dance, drum & music! Here you will find all the information you need on our dance and drum programs, community and education outreach efforts, performances, workshop and upcoming events.

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Delou Africa dance ensemble
Delou Africa dance ensemble
youth African dance performance


We facilitate quality year-round artistic education that’s developed by a collective of professional artists and educators who are committed to providing a platform to showcase and educate the general public on the rich traditions of Africa through cultural expression.

African dance class


Delou Africa offers African dance and drumming classes that are open to the community. All ages and dance levels are welcome.

Delou Africa group photo

Hire Delou

Hire Delou Africa, Inc. or Delou Africa Dance Ensemble (D.A.D.E.) for your next cultural event, school program or community event. We offer performances, dance workshops and arts and crafts programs for all ages.

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Delou Africa, Inc. is dedicated to cultivating and educating communities through African dance, drum, music, and history influenced by the presence of the African Diaspora. Our quality programs are developed by volunteers that consist of professional artists and educators. We are an educational cultural arts community base non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that enhance cultural awareness and empower individuals to embrace diversity through cultural and artistic expression. Your tax deductible donation can help us to provide the community along with Children, Families and Adults an on-going platform to showcase outstanding cultural educational programs, events and performances.

Upcoming Events

2024 DanceAfrica Miami

presents “Synergy”
August 2-4, 2024

Location: Florida Memorial University

Miami Gardens, Florida